Advantages & Disadvantages of Ganyu Genshin Impact

Banner Zhongli and Ganyu came today at Genshin Impact. Make sure you know the good areas & disadvantages of Zhongli and Ganyu before gacha.

Beginning of 2022 Genshin Impact begins with the release of the v2.4 update. There are many interesting things that Travelers can find in the v2.4 update, such as a new area called Enkanomiya, the 5-star character Shenhe, the 4-star character Yun Jin, and up to the request events of Xiao, Zhongli and Strategy Ganyu.

Speaking of the application event, Xiao has come first since the beginning of the v2.4 update release. Continued on January 25, 2022, the application event will be decorated with Zhongli and Ganyu banners.

Zhongli and Ganyu are some of the characters that many travelers are looking for. Because they are both known to be very strong and have unique super abilities, especially Papa Zhongli. So don’t be surprised if there are many Travelers who have been waiting for their banners, and have prepared ‘a lot of ammunition’ to do gacha.

So before you do gacha, it might be better if you know in advance about the advantages and disadvantages of Ganyu. It’s nothing, so you have some considerations and don’t regret it later.

Ganyu is a 5-star Cryo character in Genshin Impact. He was a half qilin Adeptus who was under contract with Geo Archon Morax (Rex Lapis) and served as general secretary of Liyue Qixing. This character first appears in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Chapter 1, Chapter 2: Farewell, The Ancient Sovereign.

Can Be Mainstay Support: Ganyu not only can be used as a mainstay DPS. But this girl is also suitable for elemental reaction support (especially DPS Pyro). When Ganyu’s Elemental Burst is active, it will give a Melt reaction for Pyro’s DPS. Ganyu’s passive skill can also be a Cryo Party support, because it can add 20% Cryo Damage to party members in his Burst Damage area.
Meta Bow Character: As a Bow user, Ganyu’s Charge Attact can be a mainstay. Not only does Cyro DMG, his Charge Attack can also give a large AoE Damage. Plus Ganyu’s Elemental Burst can add 20% Cyro Damage (if it’s in the Burst area), making Ganyu one of the best Meta DPS in Genshin Impact.
Friends with Weapon F2P: Ganyu is indeed a BS character. But he doesn’t really need a BS weapon. You can use makeshift F2P weapons such as Hamayumi, Blackcliff Warbow and Prototype Crescent to make Ganyu DPS a mainstay.
Not OK on Cellphones: Especially for cellphone users, you might find it difficult to use Ganyu especially when you want to aim for Charge Attack. Plus when the Close Range condition is against an enemy who uses a Shield.
Easy Mental: When you use Charge Attack, try not to get hit by enemy attacks. Because when in aiming mode, Ganyu will be very sensitive to attacks. So if he gets hit by an enemy attack, he will bounce and his Charge Attack will fail miserably.
Monotonous Playstyle: For those who like varied playstyles, maybe you should avoid Ganyu’s gacha. Because as a DPS character, Ganyu relies too much on Charge Attack. So sometimes the playstyle will feel monotonous.

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